SanDisk 64 GB SSD ExtremeFFS flash drives

I have a hobby of collecting latest gadgets and have many interesting pen drives and memory cards. Recently, there was a breakthrough news in portable storage field.

Improving the reliability and performance of solid state drives (SSDs) has always been the main aim of manufacturers, whether they are used in home computers, mobile phones, laptops or digital cameras. These days most SSD systems use the more robust ‘flash’ technology, as it does not require batteries and is able to maintain data persistence even during temporary power failures. However one of the main downsides with flash SSDs was that they were significantly slower than DRAM based systems.

One of the leading memory manufacturers SanDisk have now launched an advanced flash file system for SSDs called the ExtremeFFS. This next generation design is a ‘page-based algorithm’ which simply means it is able to write data in a more convenient and efficient way, preventing wasted ‘random writes’ and improving performance and stability dramatically. SSD operating speeds are measure in virtual revolutions per minute (vRPm) and it is predicated the use of the ExtremeFFS system could improve overall SSD net performance by up to four times over current existing SSD systems on the market. That would help build more storage space in pocket sized drives. Imagined 64GB Memory card ?